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shop update: 12/1/2018

We will be maintaining sporadic hours through the month of December. Please keep checking our website for updates. We are also currently closed to all new repair work. We are only open for closeout bike and accessory sales as we gear up for 2019! Thanks for your patience, and contact us with any questions!

Shop Hours: Week of 12/2/2018

12/2: CLOSED

12/3: CLOSED

12/4: OPEN 4PM - 9PM (No repairs; closeout sales only (ask us about any remaining good deals!))

12/5: CLOSED

12/6: CLOSED

12/7: CLOSED

12/8: CLOSED (updated)

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We  are a full-service bike shop based in the heart of Brooklyn.  Come see us if you are looking for a new bike or accessories, or if your bike needs a little TLC.

Having bike problems - there's no repair we can't handle, and you'll never need an appointment.  Just reach out to us and we'll get your bike in top shape fast.

We are constantly adding services and items for the cycling community - if you don't see what you need, reach out to us and we will do our best to help!






In the beginning...

logo_white_background.jpg so many local businesses, it got started in a kitchen. Alex Picca, our founder, in an attempt to make ends meet after recently relocating to NYC, started collecting, repairing and selling used bikes in his neighborhood. In those days, once a bike was tuned-up and ready to ride he’d put a sign on it and lock it up near the Bedford L train station. The system worked, word spread, and, as time went on demand grew for his bikes with the plastic yellow signs. Still, the fledgling business was at a crossroads. It was limited greatly to the confines of the little corner of Brooklyn that it operated in. In an attempt to expand to the entire city Alex set out with the help of some generous web-developing friends to build a website that could offer bikes to the whole city. The system was simple, people would browse bikes online, buy the one they liked, and, within 48 hours a key would be shipped and arrive at their doorstep. At that point, they’d get a text stating the location of their bike, usually within a block of their home. Then they could walk outside, unlock their bike and ride. it was called, and, to say that the site was an immediate success may understate it a bit. Within a week of launching the site, Alex was sold out of bikes, delivering them all over Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. With that, Bike Slug was born.

Alex continued filling the site up with fresh bikes as he could build them. And, with very few exceptions, the site would sell out within a matter of days of each respective update. Still, working as a guitar builder by day and loving it, Alex decided for the time being not to take Bike Slug any further than its status as a hobby.

Then in 2012, with a desire to try something different, Alex left his job and opened a little 12′ x 12′ bike shop on Bedford Ave. It was a new addition to a quickly changing Bed-Stuy, and, it did pretty well, so well that the next spring the shop expanded to fill the whole bottom floor of the building, and, brought on its first crew member.

Since then our shop hasn’t stopped growing, bringing new crew members aboard, offering new services and products, and, expanding our personal style of customer satisfaction to everyone who walks in our door (or visits our site!).

Its our sincere hope that you love your bike, and, love working with us. If there’s ever anything we can help with please don’t hesitate to ask.


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