Become a Pick-Up SHOP! It’s Easy


Pick-Up what?

When Bike Slug began building its online business, it quickly became clear that our new approach would grow beyond our ability to deliver the customer service we were used to.

So we’re reaching out to partner with fellow local bike shops to extend our love of cycling everywhere.

It’s a great way to grow your revenue and customer base at a low-cost!

How Does it work? It’s easy!

First, our virtual crew will help the customer make their purchase, whether it’s just a new set of tires or a thousand-dollar bike.

Then, if your shop is nearby and you are a dealer for the customer’s items, Bike Slug will “dispatch” (or send) that order to you for fulfillment.

Finally, when you receive a dispatch from Bike Slug, all you have to do is place your inventory order as you normally would, and wait for the customer to pick up their items. If they are buying a new bike, it’s a great opportunity to sell bike assembly and other maintenance services.

What does it cost?

We charge a percentage of the sale from 5% - 15%, depending on the item. Click here to learn more about your potential ROI!

Ready to Enroll?

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